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MicroBrew Tasting notes this week from Vancouver Winter Olympics…Alexander Keith’s IPA, Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, Indica IPA

Mmmmm… great week to taste MicroBrew beers in Vancouver!

What’s on TAP?  Everything that is different!   On Hornby Street in Vancouver, Canada – Earl’s restaAlexander Keith's India Pale Aleurant features their own Albino Rhino brews, but a patron recommended (after having watched me taste several of the Albino variety without a favorite emerging) “his” Atlantic Canada’s Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale on tap.  It was a better choice (for me) than anyof the Albino brews, but definitely not a typical hoppy IPA.  While it had a fresh clean taste (  I’ve had Keith’s before and it “paled” in comparison to the others I had the opportunity to taste this weekend.  A good fallback beer from Atlantic Canada.

See full size imageEnroute to downtown for Olympic festivities, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Granville Island Brewery pub ( on Granville Island where I sampled (and  brought home) a six-pack of their Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale – what I consider to be a alt-style Cream Ale with a slight maple aftertaste (yummy in cold weather!)

A surprising third new taste that I hadn’t had before was Indica IPA from Lost Coast Brewery ( which tasted surprisingly like Harpoon IPA.  In fact, when I’m back in Florida later in the week, I’ll opt for Indica if I cannot locate a good IPA – and I’ll bet that even in a bottle it will be better than a lot of the IPA’s I can get on tap.

That’s it for microbrew tasting from Vancouver, Canada.

Until next time,
“Beer Goddess”

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