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Mmmmm… great week to taste MicroBrew beers in Vancouver!

What’s on TAP?  Everything that is different!   On Hornby Street in Vancouver, Canada – Earl’s restaAlexander Keith's India Pale Aleurant features their own Albino Rhino brews, but a patron recommended (after having watched me taste several of the Albino variety without a favorite emerging) “his” Atlantic Canada’s Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale on tap.  It was a better choice (for me) than anyof the Albino brews, but definitely not a typical hoppy IPA.  While it had a fresh clean taste (  I’ve had Keith’s before and it “paled” in comparison to the others I had the opportunity to taste this weekend.  A good fallback beer from Atlantic Canada.

See full size imageEnroute to downtown for Olympic festivities, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Granville Island Brewery pub ( on Granville Island where I sampled (and  brought home) a six-pack of their Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale – what I consider to be a alt-style Cream Ale with a slight maple aftertaste (yummy in cold weather!)

A surprising third new taste that I hadn’t had before was Indica IPA from Lost Coast Brewery ( which tasted surprisingly like Harpoon IPA.  In fact, when I’m back in Florida later in the week, I’ll opt for Indica if I cannot locate a good IPA – and I’ll bet that even in a bottle it will be better than a lot of the IPA’s I can get on tap.

That’s it for microbrew tasting from Vancouver, Canada.

Until next time,
“Beer Goddess”

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