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“Created by God, feared by Satan, loved by all”

As quoted on The Reverend by Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, CO label (ABV 10%)

Avery Reverend Belgian Style Quad Ale

“This could become one of my favorite beers – if only it was available in Florida” said my anonymous guest-taster who was over for a Sunday afternoon tasting.  I’d agree!  I had the good karma to taste three different Avery blends at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder a couple of weeks ago, but this brew is by far the best I’ve sampled.  The Reverend comes in a 22 oz bottle and not yet available this far east (to my knowledge)… but I’ll be on the lookout for Avery in Florida (apparently J.J. Taylor distributors in Tampa carries it – just haven’t found it yet!)

Here’s my unOfficial observations:

  • Nose: Amazingly, the aroma with this brew is unobtrusive and faint, almost like a faint sweet floral perfume – and does not give credence to the amazing burst of flavor that comes with the first taste.
  • Weight and color: A translucent coppery-red that reflects rather than allows light through.  When you first taste The Reverend – respect is immediately given – there is a sweetness that hides the alcohol content – who would have believed that in the mug was a 10% brew!  Who knew Belgians could be so tasty!
  • Enjoyment factor: Clearly an award-winning brew in the making!  I guess I should have sensed royalty in the Red Metallic foil around the cap!  The Reverend inspires confidence and is malty and amber-like with a caramel flavoring but not hoppy.  Reminiscent of my Canadian upbringing as it reminded me of MacIntosh toffee chunks but much more lingering flavor.
  • Recommendation: If you like beer at all – especially if you like craft beers with a body and soul – you’ll love The Reverend.  A thumbs-up 8 out of 10 from a generalist point of view, but my guest would give it a full 10 out of 10 (with the hopes that either Avery will ship some brews out to this outpost in Florida or that a local source is discovered!)

Until the next pint,

an unOfficial Beer Goddess.



Comments on: "The Reverend – Belgian Style Quadrupel Ale" (2)

  1. Hello unOfficial Beer Goddess,

    You can find Avery The Reverend at Total Wine & More in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete. Price is $7.99/22oz. bottle.

    Great article!

    Hope to see you soon.

    Rob Hill
    Total Wine & More
    Potomac, MD

    • Rob,

      Thanks for the information – nice to know that Florida is finally getting our fair share of craft brew offerings! We were in the “dark ages” of A-B monopoly for so long that it is nice to be emerging “into the light” with available microbrews! Salvation indeed comes to those who wait (at least in FL!)

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