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I was amazed today at the proliferation of seasonal and Christmas brews I found today in my local beer and wine outlet, Total Wine.  Florida used to be the domain of Anheuser Busch for many years and it is nice to finally have the “doors wide open” so to speak on craft beers from coast to coast.  My personal favorite is Anchor Steam’s holiday ale (reviewed previously).

In talking to the beer specialist at my local store, sales of higher end (750 ml specialty brews) were up sharply from 2009’s winter season.  Belgium imports such as Delirium and others are selling briskly – in fact the demand was depleting the extra cases they ordered for this year’s entire season.

There’s a lot of Christmas sampling I’m going to be doing in the coming weeks and I’ll include a few reviews as I test the draught varieties I find (sorry, I prefer that variety to the bottled ones.)

Meanwhile, in reverence to my Canadian heritage, I present this link to the Bob and Doug McKenzie 12 days of Christmas (the first day of Christmas presents a “Beer”)

Enjoy & happy holidays!

Until the next pint,
An unOfficial beer goddess.


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  1. Total wine is AMAZING! As is World of Beer. WOB is a bar, not a seller, but I credit them with entering me into the world of craft brews. Check them out! They’re all over Tampa.

    • Interestingly enough, I have lived in Tampa for 16 years and know that the original WOB started out as (and remains as) a beer store/ seller on US 60 (Gulf to Bay) before expanding into a franchised group of bars. WOB is expanding to other states in 2011 and one of the franchise owners told me that they will have over 300 locations soon.

      Happy inbibing!

      • Good to hear it confirmed! I only lived in Carrollwood for 2 years, but had often wondered about that little store en route to the beaches. Ha! I hope the expansion rumors are true. With the explosion in craft beer recently, it’d be hard NOT to expand. This news makes me smile.

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