Craft beer adventures and experiences… one pint at a time

No, Dorothy, you’re in craft beer heaven – Tampa Bay, Florida!

(And with hurricane and tornado season upon us, it’s going to be a lot more tasty to have hurricane parties with great locals suds!)

Even though it gets “Hotter than Hell(es)” here in the summer,

Tampa Bay is emerging as a craft beer destination with hundreds of festivals, sports, art shows, and entertainment events FEATURING local craft beers!

Let me give you a quick update, Dorothy… and dispel a few stereotypes you might have about Arts and Beers and Crafts – oh my!

Less than six months ago when I published the post “From God’s Waiting Room to God’s Tasting Room – the Brewformation of St  Petersburg,”  there’s been a literal plethora (translation: onslaught!!!) of craft beer inspirations and events on both sides of the bay.

It’s been a crazy six months, and here’s a short list of what’s been happening:

  • Proclamations from both St Petersburg and Tampa City Councils recognizing Tampa Bay Beer Week;
  • Both the Lightning hockey arena in Tampa and Rays baseball stadium in St Petersburg now feature an array of local craft beers on tap;
  • Localtopia (Keep St Petersburg Local huge downtown community festival), 5 Events for 5 Years – Celebration of I love the Burg,
  • Forbes travel guide featured months ago The Beer Project by the Museum of Fine Arts,
  • local craft beer on tap, new brewpubs and brewery openings, and wonderful new tap houses and restaurants and beach bars featuring local craft brews,
  • The Beer Project by the St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts – a home brewing competition, public tasting, professional beer launches, and beer “crafts” featuring an author and crafts-person from Seattle, WA,
  • More and more national attention on the emerging Florida brewing scene.

In the coming weeks, additional art and beer events are scheduled – some include marketplaces for purchasing beer-inspired products; while others feature rare brews (the TBBW Halfway There Rare Beer Festival on Sept 6, and the Ale & the Witch’s Rare Beer and Music Festival on Sept 13) or a music slant.  We keep expanding and growing in the Tampa Bay area – we’re becoming a beer tourism mecca – just don’t tell the FL senate (they would never believe you!)

Happy and safe imbibing!


Comments on: "Arts and Beers and Crafts oh my… Toto, …we’re not in Kansas anymore" (4)

  1. jerbear50 said:

    I heard that a new brewery just opened in Dunedin in the last month or so but I can’t find anything on it. Do you know the name by chance?

    • I’m not sure if there is a new one in Dunedin in the last month – this is interesting news. I’ll have to check on it.

      I know that four breweries opened in FL last weekend, just none in Dunedin. And, I know that two of the bartenders at Dunedin House of Beers (HOB) are working on getting Soggy Bottom Brewing together (and might even feature it on taps there) through HOB.

      Is this the one you were thinking of?

      • jerbear50 said:

        Yes, thank you!! Soggy Bottom, that was it. Jimmy from Lucky Dill/Taphouse/LBC mentioned it to me a while back but I couldn’t remember the name. Can’t wait to see how Stilt House does this fall as well.

      • At the recent beer bloggers conference in San Diego, research showed that if Florida was keeping pace with the number of breweries per capita that Oregon has, we could support 1003 breweries. Pretty astounding! And, it’s nice to note that Florida is emerging as one of the craft beer tourist destinations in the U.S.!

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