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Beer blogging around the country is as diverse as the people who pen the blogs. I love this summary by Astrid Cook, the self-appointed Brooklyn Beer Bitch.

Safe travels home Astrid, or was great to hang out with you!

Brooklyn Beer Bitch

While a lot of participants at the Beer Bloggers Conference typically bail on Sunday morning (owing to too much beer or early transportation taking them out early), one of the more interesting features of the conference is the blogger reports from various writers around the country that wraps the conference every year. It’s a quick (each blogger has five minutes) check-in on the greater beer blogging community, and the reports range from funny to serious, informative to supportive. (Note: The titles are mine, but they sum up each of the seven presentations.)

First up this year, Emily Sauter of CT beer review blog Pints & Panels: Responsible Beer Reviewing

Clip art courtesy Layout Sparks. Clip art courtesy Layout Sparks.

Like many of the bloggers, Emily posts beer reviews on her site, and she has three basic practices she tries to follow in her beer reviews that she shared with the attendees. These were:

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Comments on: "The Bloggers Check In: Day 6 in San Diego" (2)

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, Carol. I’m following you now. Cannot wait to get started on that hush-hush project with you. And #Asheville or bust! Might take you up on the whole fly to Tampa thing. 🙂

    • Astrid,

      Once I get back to earth (so to speak,) we’ll start working on projects. 🙂

      Happy to have hung out with you in SD. Cheers!

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