Craft beer adventures and experiences… one pint at a time


What’s an “about page” supposed to say… hmmmm?

I'm the one in the middle...

I’m the one in the middle…

I’ve been called a craft beer (not crap beer) aficionado (not a “fish animal”) and a community builder… my passion is bringing people together (of every age) to celebrate beer, life, optimism, laughter and fun!

Basically I’m a nerd (software) who has written (boring!) textbooks and spoken at project management and software conferences in over 30 countries (honestly, I’ve had people tell me I’m really really good at this!)

BUT, my passion and weakness (a good thing) is craft beer and meeting people and having fun and finding adventure and travel and staying young!  My kids are grown and it’s my turn to be the kid in my life!

I love life and my dream DSC_0328is to represent / speak for a major craft brewery or association to bring the good news about American Craft Beer worldwide!

Until then, I’m a specialist in software consulting, and I coordinate VolunBEERs, find new haunts to hang out at, drink crazy beers (in moderation!) and write blogs (3!) and meet people!


If you’re interested…

in becoming part of Carol’s VolunBEERs (it doesn’t matter where you live!) to help out at local Florida craft beer events, visit our Facebook page or our signup page (with current calls for VolunBEERs.)

I hope to meet you somewhere soon!  And if you need a speaker or event planner about craft beer – get in touch!


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  1. btozcreative said:

    Hi there,

    I am preparing to publish a cool new beer tasting journal. I was wondering if you could offer me some advice or feedback on my product development.

    The books have some pretty unique features that I think set them apart from – and well above – the other beer journals on the market. For example, I am doing regional versions that challenge you to taste beers in a specific city/region and then offer rewards for completing challenges (some in partnership with local pubs and breweries).

    I am launching a Kickstarter in a few weeks, so I would really appreciate it if you didn’t share publicly anything we discuss about the journal over email before that.

    I have made three blog posts about the early stages of the product development on our website – – if you are inclined to check that out. There are another six articles in the pipeline leading up to the Kickstarter launch.

    Would you or someone on your staff be willing to give me some feedback on some of my elements of the book?

    Thanks. I look forward to discussing this with your further.

    Zachariah Wiedeman
    Cell: (312) 772-4560
    Barrel Aged Books
    Your eyes will taste the difference.

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