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I’ve long been a fan of reviews – I love to read them, smile at the comments from others, and frequent places just to see how similar (or different) my experiences are to those of reviewers.  Yet, I seldom post reviews for a few reasons because My Personal Experience at a restaurant / bar / brewery / other can be an anomaly – if it’s a poor experience, (I won’t publish one!) I realize that the mixture of variables (wait staff, volume, weather, events before I’ve arrived, my mood) can alter things widely.

What might be an incredible, consistent, funky, fun-filled place always has an off-night, and, coincidentally, I might be there when it happens.

Having said this, I also get a lot of questions about what a particular place is like, and I get requests to check out places that carry craft beer (with or without good food!) so…. bear with me as I embark on an experiment… sharing My Personal Experience.

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