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Drink what you like, like what you drink

As I await my flights to attend #EBBC15 in Brussels, it strikes me that I’m a bona fide beer snob. You know the type… I’ve chided friends who choose mass produced brews instead of craft varietals or one off releases, and I’m sorry.

It’s a 1st world problem when we create drama or hierarchy of peeps by self-selecting friends based on what they drink… And… I realize it’s stupid. Kind of like when you realize you’re any kind of “elitist anything” based on an opinion. And, we all do it without thinking.

I’m committed to change and the #BBC15 in Asheville last month opened my eyes. One of our conference sessions featured a senior QA professional from, *gasp* Budweiser, THE mass produced beer often only whispered about in craft beer circles. The presentation was FIRST RATE! And professional and scientific and respectful… everything a solid presentation should be. I was impressed and humbled at the same time.

It hit me then… We… are… privileged. We can drink what we like here in a free first world county, and we are also free to like what we drink. It’s a great thing!

So, from now on, if you see me and you’re drinking a xxx-lite, good on you! I promise to be respectful of your beverage choice, no matter what.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a Goose Island IPA (it’s only a short distance from mass produced brew) and today, that’s what I like.



“Craft Beer: it’s not alcoholism, it’s a hobby” –

This quote is so apt for this weekend!!!

How better to motivate me to quote more, write more, observe more, and share more on this blog than to attend a Beer Bloggers Conference?

I’m in Asheville this weekend with 100+ other writers/bloggers/community leaders from all over the U.S. doing just that. This is my 5th bloggers conference (I’ve only missed one since it started in 2010) and it’s a homecoming of sorts reconnecting with peers from almost every state who share my passion. #bbc15

Craft Beer is an amazing hobby that brings together passionate, optimistic, inspiring people with regular jobs, but who share the love of the world’s oldest purified beverage.

We gather annually in a vibrant city where craft beer is thriving (past cities include Boulder, Portland, Boston, Indianapolis, San Diego, and now Asheville,) and spend an agenda planned weekend of brewery visits, lectures, networking socials, and sharing.


Here in Asheville, our day 1 included visits to Oskar Blues brewing and Sierra Nevada, where we hobnobbed with brewery dignitaries -‘thank you to both breweries and to all of our conference sponsors and organizers.


I’m inspired to start trying new things with this hobby and I need your input (please and thank you)…

What would YOU like to see on this blog? Local brewery reviews/visits or events and photos or videos of places I visit or something different?

Here’s your incentive… I’ll pick a commenter at random and award s/he with some craft beer swag… So, go!

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