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Passions and Strange Brews – The Rise, Fall, and Demise of a Woman-Owned Brewery

Wow – I just spent an hour watching the story of New Century Brewing in a video conference presentation by brewery owner, Rhonda Kallman.  Hers is the story of Sam Adams, New Century Brewing, innovative brewing (caffeinated beer!), coupled with years of trials, tribulations, government regulations, and finally FDA(!) shutdown.

In many ways, the video is an inside peek at the peaks and valleys of taking an idea to fruition, of branding a small business against the “big boy” corporations, of government interventions, of regulations, and of making inroads and creating new products with entrepreneurial spunk and leadership.

The 2008 movie Beer Wars featured New Century Brewing and their landmark craft brew “Moonshot” – a caffeinated light pilsner intended to meet the needs of a Red Bull and Beer generation.  The brewery shut down in mid-2011 after the FDA banned Moonshot and the video below chronicles the life and times of New Century.

Thank you to Beer News for posting this on Facebook and their page.  It does not deter me from loving craft beers, but it did put a face and heart behind the brews I enjoy.  Let me know what you think:

Rise and Fall of New Century brewing

Happy imbibing!

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