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Beer Bloggers Conference 5-7 November 2010

108 Beer Bloggers descend on Boulder, CO

BBC10What a great weekend of lectures, tastings, tours, and discussions based on the original nectar of the gods (brewing is older than wine!)  The crowd was as diverse as the brews… hailing from every corner of the United States (with one hearty soul from the UK!) – and all coming together to celebrate the love of craft beer.

Not just any beer mind you – but craft beer of all shapes, sizes, styles, flavors, colors, origins, recipes, and secrets! It was amazing to listen to so many words about beer, yet the “B” word (Budweiser) was nary a mention.  One attendee, who worked for Coors for many years, hastened to mention the term “Coors” at least 10 times during the various lectures, but it seemed to be more to let everyone know that he had worked for a big brewer than to mention any particular mega-bland brewery. (Or perhaps there was a contest where Coors was the secret word of the day?)

Taste… did we!

tastingsThere were many highlights of the weekend for me! These included the “Night of Many Beers” (attendees brought craft brew samples from near and far to share on Friday night) and the “Beer Blogging” (ala the 5 minute speed dating with brewers showing off their talents instead of guys/gals! Now if we added shoes to the mix – I know this is a sexist comment but whatever… – it would be my ideal way to spend a date!) There were so many styles and flavors that I will need to spend many evenings doing research to get up to speed of the experts at the conference. How to do so and also keep up my girlish figure is going to be a challenge. (Sidenote:  The idea of drinkers with a running problem like the “hash house harriers” is sounding more attractive all the time.)

Hmmm… that leads me to the thought – could there be some future success with a beer diet?  Perhaps not as a formally published method, but as long as I cut my overall calories consumed (that’s the key to losing weight) it should work! And maybe it would even change the metabolic mix if a higher percentage comes from healthy fruit and wheat/barley/hops food groups.  (Note to self: do research to see if I can lose weight on the “beer diet”!)

Craft Brewing is growing…


With fellow attendee Rick at #BBC10

An early morning network news program last week cited 1600 craft breweries in the USA alone, with many micro and craft brewers emerging in Canada and throughout the world (Japan is an emerging craft brew market making significant strides!)

And with such an explosive growth comes a plethora of experimentation and explosion of distinctive flavors.  I was amazed at some of the remarkable and non-traditional ingredients that today’s brewers are testing in their brews.  Just a couple of days ago, I read an article about the Sam Adams Brewery partnering with a leading chef to add beef hearts as a final ingredient to a new brew.  Not my style or preference (I can imagine it will be a dark Oktoberfest type of beer) – but interesting at least. And as any smart marketer knows, publicity is publicity especially when it comes from negative comments by the SPCA!

The Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC) in 2011 will be in Portland Oregon somewhere around June-August 2011.  In the meantime, I can’t wait to get more posts up and more experience with Florida and beyond craft brews. Watch for updates on the local, U.S., and international scene as I drink my way around the world (and I don’t mean at Epcot!)

To your good health, cheers!

Until the next pint,
The unOfficial beer goddess.


Beer 4 Women…

Today was Spirit Day:

On Spirit Day wear purple in remembrance. On October 20th, 2010,we will wear purple in honor of the several young adults who committed suicide in recent weeks/months/years due to homophobic abuse in their homes and at their schools.

I am staunchly opposed to bullying of any form and so I wore purple when I went out for lunch today… but the only purple t-shirt I had to wear was one from The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in Houston emblazoned with a tactful: Beer4Women.

Talk about stares of disdain and disgust from patrons of a local Panera Bread! I knew from experience at Brewpubs that a lot of people don’t understand that women can appreciate good craft beer, but I wasn’t ready for the looks of disapproval from passersby – it made me wish that I had a beer in my hands at 2 o’clock this afternoon!!!

Then I read a posting referenced on the Beer Bloggers Unite website today on Rabid about Beer’s Blog:  Girlie Beer Anyone? And in reading the responses to the blog posting about women liking fruit infused beer (some by women) – I realized just how judgmental everyone in the world is today!  And that includes opinions about craft beer and women (as expressed by – women!)  While I have no issue with women defending their pride about drinking stout and porters and other hearty brews, what’s the problem if some of us also imbibe on the sweeter side?

What happened in the last several years? – I simply do not recall such polarization and opinionated comments when I started drinking beer.  And, hey, I’m female and I absolutely love a good IPA (such as Harpoon, Drifter and others) at the best of times.  But, if it makes me a wuss or some sort of stereotyped “candy ass” to admit that I also enjoy fruit and flavored beers, so be it.  I’ve been called worse by better!

There is a variety of flavors and styles of craft beers that involve fruit or other flavors ranging from syrups (yuck!) to other infusions.  My personal “fruit beer” tastes run the gamut from Sam Adams‘ Cherry Wheat and Sam Adams’ Blackberry Witbier to Magic Hat #9 (not quite pale ale), Pyramid Brewery‘s Apricot Ale, Dunedin Brewery’s Apricot Peach Ale, and Hurricane Reef’s Raspberry Wheat Ale.

But there are also fruit beers that I do NOT like:  (does this change the judgment?) — I have to cut a Leinenkugel Berry Weiss at least 1/2 and 1/2 with a lager because otherwise it’s just too syrupy sweet.  I also don’t fancy a few of the offbeat varieties such as Kona Brewing’s Wailua Wheat Ale brewed with passion fruit (it just didn’t taste like beer at all and I thought I pulled out a mislabeled Seagrams Wine Cooler by mistake from the cooler!)   And, I can only stomach one 375 ml of Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic on a hot summer day!

What I do like is a 1/2 pint of Lindeman’s Kriek Lambic topped with a 1/2   pint of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  Or a Southern Tier Pumking or a Hoegarden pint anytime!

Quite frankly, as is said on one beer shirt I saw recently, beauty is in the eye of the “beer holder” – and I believe that in whatever direction your personal taste for beer lies, that’s okay as long as you and your beer are both consenting!  Just as in art or music or even cooking – variety is the spice of life!

Even if it means – dare I say it – Budweiser or – gasp – Miller Lite!

Have a great beer weekend!

-The unOfficial Beer Goddess.

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