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It’s not a sin to send beer back… How to finesse the deed.

This is a great post from

When good beer goes bad

Here’s my comment on their post:

I love that you point out the fact that it is “uncomfortable” to send back anything at a restaurant or bar for fear of retribution from a server or restauranteur. No one likes to create conflict whether it is a problem with a beer, a steak, or an added ingredient that doesn’t belong (I love the Erin’s comment about the bandaid in the new keg!)

Kelly has a great point for both servers and patrons of craft beers (and this is NOT usually done with Bud Light or Miller beers) – ask for a sample taste if you aren’t sure. I don’t know of any brewpub that would refuse to give a sample of any draft beer (obviously you can’t do this with bottles) and I’ve saved many a pint by tasting the brew first. As readers know, one IPA is not the same as another!

Great article! I’m going to include a link to it on my own blog if you don’t mind.

Now, I’m going to print out the post for situations when I might need the reference notes!

Here’s hoping your next pint is a Good Craft pour!

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