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It’s American Craft Beer Week May 14-20, 2012 (inclusive!)

Don’t miss out on the happenings all over the country for the American Craft Beer Week!

Visit for more details and be safe!

1st annual Tampa Bay Beer Week Mar 3-10, 2012 – Over 100 Events Planned

With over 100 local events planned from the World of Beer Brewer’s nights to the Florida Brewers Guild kickoff event March 3 in Centro Ybor – there is sure to be something for every taste and beer budget!

Click on the graphic above or HERE to find out what’s happening where and when!

Enjoy and be safe!

An unOfficial Beer Goddess

7venth Sun Brewing – Dunedin FL – latest addition to Tampa’s Burgeoning Craft Brewing

Last Saturday – January 7, 2012 – 7venth Sun Brewing opened its doors for a grand opening benefit (see previous post announcing the event).  Ample pours and interesting brews were on hand along with entertainment and most of the Who’s-Who in Tampa Bay, FL area’s craft brewing industry.

Here’s a few photos from the event (I loved the Overland IPA!) – and if you happen to be in the Tampa Bay area, drop me a line for directions – or google 7venth Sun Brewing-Dunedin for more information.  At the time of this post – their website was not yet up and functional!

It is going to be interesting (and tasty) to watch and sample 7venth Sun Brewing’s offerings over the coming months. Stay tuned…

The Unofficial Beer Goddess.

7venth Sun Brewery – new for Tampa Bay!

If you are in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area on January 7, 2012 – why not support the launch of our area’s newest microbrewery  AND support a charitable cause as well? 7venth Sun Brewery (website not yet up at as of this posting) is now open in Dunedin FL and hosting a charitable fundraiser / beer tasting event – so why not join the cause?

All the details are in the supporting flyer below – or send me a comment if you need more information and I’ll find out answers to your questions. Hope to see you there!

The Unofficial Beer Goddess (Carol)


Remember yourself, your family and the families of others – don’t drink and drive!

Cigar City Brewery in Tampa passes first hurdle…

Dec 2, 2010:  Update on Cigar City Brewing…

Thank you to those of you who supported Cigar City Brewing’s petition to keep the Tasting RoomCigar City Brewing open.  Today (Dec 2, 2010) the Tampa City Council tentatively approved a wet-zone which could allow the Brewery /Pub to stay open.

Read more by clicking on this link.

For a little brewery in Tampa FL to have garnered support from both competitors in the area, and having won 3 top honors from Draft magazine in a little over 18 months is remarkable.

If you happen to be in the Tampa Bay area anytime soon, the brewery and tasting room is only about a 5-10 minute drive from the Tampa airport.  Here’s the website (it’s worth a visit to both the website and the real life site):  www.tinyurl/23kzsta/

Until the next pint!

An unOfficial beer goddess.


Beer Bloggers Conference 5-7 November 2010

108 Beer Bloggers descend on Boulder, CO

BBC10What a great weekend of lectures, tastings, tours, and discussions based on the original nectar of the gods (brewing is older than wine!)  The crowd was as diverse as the brews… hailing from every corner of the United States (with one hearty soul from the UK!) – and all coming together to celebrate the love of craft beer.

Not just any beer mind you – but craft beer of all shapes, sizes, styles, flavors, colors, origins, recipes, and secrets! It was amazing to listen to so many words about beer, yet the “B” word (Budweiser) was nary a mention.  One attendee, who worked for Coors for many years, hastened to mention the term “Coors” at least 10 times during the various lectures, but it seemed to be more to let everyone know that he had worked for a big brewer than to mention any particular mega-bland brewery. (Or perhaps there was a contest where Coors was the secret word of the day?)

Taste… did we!

tastingsThere were many highlights of the weekend for me! These included the “Night of Many Beers” (attendees brought craft brew samples from near and far to share on Friday night) and the “Beer Blogging” (ala the 5 minute speed dating with brewers showing off their talents instead of guys/gals! Now if we added shoes to the mix – I know this is a sexist comment but whatever… – it would be my ideal way to spend a date!) There were so many styles and flavors that I will need to spend many evenings doing research to get up to speed of the experts at the conference. How to do so and also keep up my girlish figure is going to be a challenge. (Sidenote:  The idea of drinkers with a running problem like the “hash house harriers” is sounding more attractive all the time.)

Hmmm… that leads me to the thought – could there be some future success with a beer diet?  Perhaps not as a formally published method, but as long as I cut my overall calories consumed (that’s the key to losing weight) it should work! And maybe it would even change the metabolic mix if a higher percentage comes from healthy fruit and wheat/barley/hops food groups.  (Note to self: do research to see if I can lose weight on the “beer diet”!)

Craft Brewing is growing…


With fellow attendee Rick at #BBC10

An early morning network news program last week cited 1600 craft breweries in the USA alone, with many micro and craft brewers emerging in Canada and throughout the world (Japan is an emerging craft brew market making significant strides!)

And with such an explosive growth comes a plethora of experimentation and explosion of distinctive flavors.  I was amazed at some of the remarkable and non-traditional ingredients that today’s brewers are testing in their brews.  Just a couple of days ago, I read an article about the Sam Adams Brewery partnering with a leading chef to add beef hearts as a final ingredient to a new brew.  Not my style or preference (I can imagine it will be a dark Oktoberfest type of beer) – but interesting at least. And as any smart marketer knows, publicity is publicity especially when it comes from negative comments by the SPCA!

The Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC) in 2011 will be in Portland Oregon somewhere around June-August 2011.  In the meantime, I can’t wait to get more posts up and more experience with Florida and beyond craft brews. Watch for updates on the local, U.S., and international scene as I drink my way around the world (and I don’t mean at Epcot!)

To your good health, cheers!

Until the next pint,
The unOfficial beer goddess.


Southern Tier Pumking Rules…

I recant my earlier vote for Shipyard Brewing’s Pumpkinhead Ale being my seasonal flavor favorite – I gotta go with the Southern Tier Pumking on tap.  While I know that “serious” beer aficionados would scoff at fruit or flavor in beer at all – I guess that it will be considered total sacrilege to confess that my local brewpub served the Pumking rimmed with a nutmeg/sugar/cinnamon concoction.  Pumpkin Pie in a beer glass.

The season is fully upon us – go out and try something new in YOUR beer glass!

a2007 FINAL hoppe 22oz bottle– The unOfficial Beer Goddess.

Beer Bloggers Conference… Boulder, CO 5-7 Nov 2010

BBClogo Click on the icon for further details and to register for the conference.

To-date almost 100 beer bloggers from around the world are registered for what promises to be an exciting and insightful weekend of information, exchanges, great beer and good times!

If you’ve ever thought about doing a beer blog or getting into specialty beer tastings – this might be the place for you.


Wishing you a great Oktoberfest weekend!

-The unOfficial Beer Goddess…

Pumpkin is not just for Pie Anymore!

2010 hails as the year for the most pumpkin flavored beers ever!  No less than 20 of the squash infused brews exist in the US and Canada alone this year… and I, for one, can’t wait to sample them all!

I’ve read a number of recent blogs featuring pumpkin beer samplings and reviews – and last weekend sparked a flurry of activity.

oktoberfestPersonally, I spent the weekend volunteering for the American Heart Association and then I poured beer for several hours at the 1st annual St. Petersburg Oktoberfest craft beer night. On of the favorites: Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale was an early sellout!

My personal favorite pumpkin beers are always on tap and I always find it amazing how different is texture and flavor of  the same brew when it is on draught instead of in the bottle.  Last evening I had the privilege of finding my favorite pumpkin beer, Shipyard Brewery’s Pumpkinhead, on tap in Hyde Park in Tampa, FL.  What a smooth concoction – with hints of nutmeg aftertaste.  The bottled version just doesn’t measure up to the smoothness of the just poured out of the keg version!

I prefer the Pumpkin flavored beers to the Oktoberfest labeled beers – simply because I like the infused pumpkin flavors and I love pumpkin pie.  (Now to get the whipped cream into the mix may take a brewing miracle!)

In respect for the seasoned brew bloggers who had a head start in sampling this season’s bounty of pumpkin beers, I present a sampling of their posts here: (click on the image to go to the blog)

Beer Info – Pumpkin beer ratings


Drink Craft Beer – Pumpkin beer Taste-off article:
Brewing Autumnal Magic in Pumpkin Beers

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Beer Advocate – Pumpkin Beer Page


Lautering Pumpkin beer post – Pumpkin Beer Posting



Catholic Drinkie
– A female perspective on Pumpkin Beers

What is YOUR Favorite Pumpkin Beer?

Happy autumn and happy imbibing!

– The Unofficial Beer Goddess
Visit Beer Bloggers Unite

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